About Us

Who are we?

Our background

Standish Lipreading Society has supported hard of hearing people for the last 20 years with an enthusiastic and dedicated committee and the valuable help of funding from Wigan Adult Services grant aid.

Our Aim

Our aims are to help the hard of hearing people in the district, to prevent them being lonely, isolated from the rest of the community and improve their wellbeing. We are a vibrant group and enjoy the benefit of a qualified lip-reading teacher each week. Why not sample a session, you may be very surprised as to how enjoyable our sessions are!

Our Supporters

We have a number of supporters helping us exist and provide valuable support to our hard of hearing community members. If you would like to join the names listed below then please get in touch. Thank you!

Stanley Riley 1923 - 2016

Stanley was our chairman and very sadly he passed away in October 2016. Stanley was a leading force behind the society and shall be missed. He led a very interesting life and we miss him dearly. RIP Stanley.