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Learning the shapes that lips make for different sounds and how to help fill in missed words can be incredibly useful for someone who has hearing loss, especially in noisy environments. Anecdotal evidence shows just how much of an impact lip-reading can have on someone’s life. It prevents social isolation and improves confidence and independence. It keeps people in work and has even been known to save marriages. Lip-reading is a key part of the rehabilitation process for hearing loss, so classes are essential for many people whose hearing has deteriorated.

standish community centre Tutor Monday Group

Wendy Worthington

Tutor Tuesday Group

Alison Wareing

Wendy & Alison are both fully qualified lip reading teachers.

Very experienced and knowledgeable about hearing issues & assistive technology available to help people improve their hearing capabilities.

They make lip reading sessions a sociable relaxing and fun learning experience for both groups.


standish community centre

We meet every Monday at 12:45  - 14:45 pm.
and Tuesday 10:00 am - 12:00 pm

Tea and coffee is available for a nominal charge.
Standish Community Centre Moody Street Standish WN6 0JY